Katrina Jaworski

I’m a social philosopher. My research moves between cultural studies, continental philosophy, gender studies and sociology. I also work with colleagues in health sciences, which includes mental health. I love being an interdisciplinary scholar, even though it’s challenging as much as it’s rewarding. I’m deeply passionate about researching the agency of suicide, with a focus on the body, gender, sexuality and/or ethics. My research extends to the philosophy of death and dying bodies, as well as African genocide, violent extremism, older men and urban private sheds, cultural politics of thinking, women in higher education, and pop-up economies. I love teaching cultural studies because I see the discipline as applied philosophy. Cultural studies enables us to think through ideas rather than about them in everyday cultural spaces. For those of you who are about to enrol in my courses, I guarantee you will not learn in institutional spaces alone. Currently, I’m part of 2 funded research projects: 2014 – present: Chief Investigator B, Pop-Up Economies: Small Scale Enterprise and the Cultures of Transitory Public Spaces, with S Luckman, P Bagust, J Duruz and J Andrew, EASS Division Research Performance Fund ($10,000). 2012 – present: Sole Chief Investigator, How Sexuality and Identity Formation Impact on Young People’s Experiences of Suicide – A Qualitative Pilot Study, EASS Division Research Performance Fund ($7,916).